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Barcelona, Spain. 15 January 2010.

The Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference is pleased to announce a Call for Workshops and Tutorials for the 2010 conference, being held September 6-9, 2010, in Barcelona, Spain.

FOSS4G is the international "gathering of tribes" for open source geospatial communities. Users and developers are encouraged to present their latest projects and software to demonstrate the power of Open Source for system integration through a series of workshop sessions and tutorial presentations. Session participants should expect to see presentations on both geospatial open source and propriety software integration along with pure open source solutions.



Workshops are expected to be 3 hour hands-on experiences with participants following along with the instructor, working directly with the application under discussion. All workshop rooms will be equipped with computers to support this vision. A projector will be provided for each computer room for use within a workshop. Instructors will need to discuss pre-installation requirements with the Conference Organising Committee if required.

Workshops are expected to require considerable effort to create, with past experience showing that three days of preparation per hour of presentation are required to produce a high quality workshop.

Additionally you will be expected to develop material for attendees to take home with them, such as handouts, workbook, CD-ROMs, etc. Due to the effort involved in producing and presenting a workshop, instructors will receive a single complementary registration to the conference for delivering a workshop.

All workshop submissions will be considered, but particular interest will be shown in:

 * Practical Introduction to FOSS4G software

 * Integrating Open Source

 * Spatial Data Infrastructure



Tutorials are 90 minute sessions during the regular presentations portion of the conference. Tutorial rooms will not be equipped with computers. However, presenters may make use of delegate laptops and the FOSS4G LiveDVD.

Preference will be given to hands-on tutorials.

Any hands-on aspects to a tutorial will be the responsibility of the presenter and needs to be described in the tutorial description.

Presenters making use of the LiveDVD will be expected to contribute to testing pre-releases to ensure material and software is properly installed. To discuss your requirements for LiveDVD, please contact the LiveDVD community:


All tutorial submissions will be considered, but particular interest will be shown in the following topics:

 * Practical Introductions

 * Interoperability

 * Integration

 * Performance tuning

 * SDI services

 * Mobile/phone applications

Application form


Follow this link to submit your proposals:


Please add a 300 word abstract, in plain text format (pasting a text with style markup could make the process fail).

The deadline for workshop / tutorial submissions is January 30.

FOSS4G 2010 Highlights


Workshops and Tutorials: Workshops and Tutorials allow presenters to lead attendees through applications, integration solutions, or other topics in an interactive environment. Half-day workshops (3 hours) will be held in computer rooms on September 6 (afternoon session) and

7 (morning session). Tutorials (90 minutes) will be held in standard presentation rooms, run concurrently with presentations on 7-9 September.

Presentations: The meat of the conference are it's presentations.

Drawing on a huge community of local, regional and international experts we will discuss some of the most current and poignant topics in the industry today.

Academic Track: The academic sessions, with paper publications and poster presentations, aims at bringing together researchers, developers, users and practitioners carrying out research and development in the geospatial and the free and open source fields and willing to share original and recent research developments and experiences. The academic track will act as an inventory of current research topics, with the main objective of promoting cooperative research between OSGeo developers and the academia.

FOSS4G Live DVD: LiveDVDs, based on the Xubuntu operating system and including Geospatial Open Source Software, will be given to all delegates. Users can boot a Live DVD on their computer and trial the software without installing or effecting the existing system.


Installfest: The Installfest will give delegates the opportunity to meet in a common area and install a wide variety of FOSS software on their laptops, netbooks or any other system they care to bring in.

Community members will assist with any troubles and provide help and insight into the software.

Birds of a Feather: Rooms have been set aside for semi-organised meetings between like minded groups. Some prominent community initiatives started in prior FOSS4G Birds of a Feather sessions.

Code Sprint: The day after the conference is reserved for the Hackers'

Code Sprint. Hackers will be locked in a basement with lots of bandwidth, plugs and coffee. :)

Upcoming milestones


15 Jan 2010, Call for Workshops/Tutorials opens 30 Jan 2010, Call for Workshops/Tutorials closes

1 Feb 2010, Call for Abstracts opens

16 Feb 2010, Notification of acceptance for workshops/tutorials

22 Feb 2010, Registration for workshop and tutorials opens

1 May 2010, Abstract submission deadline

1 Jun 2010, Presenters notified of acceptance for talks

15 Jun 2010, Author/Early registration deadline Aug 2010, Completed program available

6-7 Sep 2010, FOSS4G Workshops

7-9 Sep 2010, FOSS4G Presentations and Tutorials 10 Sep 2010, FOSS4G Code Sprint

Please visit our site to subscribe and find more information about this conference:


Or contact Conference Chair for details about this announcement:
Lorenzo Becchi E-mail: lbecchi at osgeo.org<mailto:lbecchi at osgeo.org>
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