[mapserver-dev] GeoServer superseeding MapServer in Europe?

Andy Colson andy at squeakycode.net
Wed Jul 7 15:15:46 EDT 2010

> I think you can probably also read some of the reasons of why the Dutch
> government chose Geoserver, around page 46 in the following document (it
> also contains a section on Mapserver):
> http://www.geonovum.nl/sites/default/files/algemeen/MOT20100618TechnicalDesignv1.0.pdf

from page 46: "A strong feature of GeoServer is its configuration 
management. It’s configurable through a web-interface."

What?!  That is stupid!  Why in the world would anyone think a 
web-interface is better?  A text file is 1000 times easier to use.  Its 
searchable!  Its find/replace'able, its scriptable!

The only thing you can do with a web interface is click.  That's it. 
Click.  But find the right place to click, by clicking in all the right 
magic spots.  Wanna change all your red's to blue's?  Start clicking. 
Click each and every spot, because you cant automate it, or script it, 
or even search.  Its stupid.

The only reason to have a web interface is to make the dumb people feel 
more comfortable.  And do you really want the dumb people f'ing around 
with your map server?  No!  I say no, use a text file that the dumb 
people are afraid to touch.  If they cant pass the test of learning the 
syntax then they should not be allowed to play!  Dont make it easy for 
them to mess up.

Whew.. I feel better.  Guess I have some issues I need to work through. :-)


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