[mapserver-dev] RE: Re: GeoServer superseeding MapServer in Europe?

Jan Hartmann j.l.h.hartmann at uva.nl
Fri Jul 9 04:38:55 EDT 2010

I'm sure a wel-designed learning set based on OpenLayers would be an 
excellent learning tool for MapServer. The client interactive side has 
always been a major hurdle for new people, even with something as 
seemingly simple as zooming. If someone would set up and coordinate a 
set of targets and outlines, I would be happy to work out a few subjects.


On 07/09/10 00:46, Lime, Steve D (DNR) wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback Mark. Our website has been in transition for 
> awhile and I think we've finally settled on a maintenance
> approach that will last. Perhaps now we can look at the very changes 
> you suggest. I've started an examples section patterned
> after the OpenLayers approach but it has languished...
> I'm not as enamored with a user gallery though. We had one earlier and 
> was impossible to maintain. Personally I favor learning
> by example.
> Steve
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> Hello,
> As a comparatively new user to Mapserver I just thought I would put in 
> my two cents.
> I think the main reasons why one would chose one product over another 
> is due to performance, features, and ease of use. For most 
> applications the performance between Mapserver and GeoServer appears 
> comparable.   Second, GeoServer has some interesting features, however 
> both Mapserver and Geoserver has a decent feature set.  This leaves us 
> at ease of use...
> When I first tried out Mapserver a few years ago I searched for 
> documentation for installing Mapserver, which lead me to "compiling on 
> Win32."  Needless to say I quickly became frustrated and lost trying 
> to find all the correct dependencies on different websites.  I soon 
> decided that it was simply too much work bother with and gave up.  
> Later on I had found the MS4W project, which to any new user is very 
> easy to use as they only have to click apache-start.bat to get 
> mapserver up and running.
> Next, I think any new user is interested in finding an all inclusive 
> application that helps them build a mapping site, that way users can 
> take the example application and plug in their own data. Mapserver has 
> excellent documentation and examples for the Mapfile itself, however 
> besides the one simple map on the main page there are no examples of 
> applications. I think the MS4W website does a better job at 
> distributing applications such as GeoMoose, and PMapper that people 
> can download, plug in their own data and then publish the site to the 
> web.  Perhaps people might be more intrested in using mapserver if 
> there was a "Gallary" that allowed new potential users the ability to 
> see what Mapserver can really do.
> To summarize here are some things that I think would attract new users:
> -Make the link to MS4W or FGS more prevalent.
> -Add a Gallery that links to "Easy to set up applications" such as 
> GeoMoose, PMapper.
> -If possible include some of the dependencies for compiling mapserver 
> on the website so people do not need to sift around several websites.
> Mark Volz
> GIS Specialist
> Lyon County, MN
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> Hi Bart,
> I saw that you tweeted the following this morning:
> "bartvdeijnden: #Geoserver is superseding #Mapserver at least here in 
> Europe and I am starting to switch mentally as well (as an early 
> adopter of Mapserver)"
> Would you care to please elaborate on the reasons you see for this, 
> and perhaps guide us on what we can do to help this situation?
> I can't imagine that the slower pace of new developments and releases 
> of the last year or two is the only reason for that (or is it?). Your 
> feedback and thoughts would be much welcome.
> Daniel
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