[mapserver-dev] MOTION: Release MapServer 5.6.5 today

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Wed Jul 14 06:02:39 EDT 2010

Hi PSC members,

Since the deployment of 5.6.4 with its security fixes is blocked by a
scaling issue (#3173), I motion that we release MapServer 5.6.5 today
(or as soon as we have enough +1 votes from the PSC) with the following
two fixes currently in SVN branch-5-6:

Version 5.6.5 (2010-07-14):

- Fixed scale calculation problem caused by mapscale.c's inchesPerUnits
  array being out of synch with MS_UNITS enum (#3173)

- Fixed bitmap text font rendering (tiny was not working) (#3475)

Please vote... I start the vote with my +1

If you are aware of other blocker issues with 5.6.4 then please -1 and
provide more details.

I was going to create a 5.6.5rc1 package for build packagers to test,
but unfortunately the OSGeo download server is currently down. I may try
again later.

Finally, SteveW reported an issue with NULL shapes in shapefiles that
appeared somewhere between 5.2.2 and 5.6.4 in ticket #3487. We tried to
reproduce it without success and are waiting for a test case that will
not be available before a week so this ticket will have to wait. All the
details are in the ticket.

Daniel Morissette

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