[mapserver-dev] Default VERSION in mapfile ?

strk strk at keybit.net
Fri Jul 16 09:51:04 EDT 2010

Hi guys,
I've been spending all morning trying to figure out
why the maps getting back from mapserver where having
inverted aspect ratio.

Finally realized that it was depending on OWS version being used.
Didn't notice earlier `cause I never explicitly passed a VERSION
parameter to the clients (gvSIG and QuantumGIS tried).

So, what happens is that when no VERSION is given, mapserver
responds (at least in the GetCapabilities case, which I think
is the one that matters here) with a 1.3.0 Capabilities document.

Given the fact that two independent client got confused by such
version, wouldn't it be worth letting mapfile authors specify
which version to answer requests with missing VERSION ?

I've been told returning highest supported version is required
by specs, still... given how good the specs are... should we
allow pretending we dont' support highest-and-puzzlingest ones ?


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