[mapserver-dev] Removing features from MapServer 6.0

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Sun Jun 13 00:22:05 EDT 2010

Michael Smith wrote:
> Is there a Doc page that explains how to create imagemaps with templates and
> [shpxy ...] tags? Once that's in place, then it makes sense to remove.
> Mike
Steve et al,

The imagemap removal is a hard call.

1. we have not deprecated it and documented the preferred alternative
2. 6.0 is a good place to drop it, if that is the plan

I'm with Frank on the there are probably people using it, and I usually 
come down on the side of the users (especially if my users are using it 
:), but this is a good place to drop if we can.

I would be ok with a "Float this by the user's list" and see what kind 
of response we get.

1. we plan to drop the imagemap code for 6.0
2. here is an alternative way to get images
3. if you are using this and it is going to create major heartburn then 
speak up now and tell us why the alternative will not work for you

Or something along these lines. If we get major push back then deprecate 
it and carry it along for a while longer, then drop it. If it is highly 
problematic to carry it along, then lets make that clear to the users 
and set a more aggressive end date. Also it would not hurt to announce 
it is deprecated NOW with the alternative approach.

-Steve W

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