[mapserver-dev] WFS Output via OGR

Lime, Steve D (DNR) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Mon Oct 4 23:48:08 EDT 2010

Bless Tom K.! I'm adding a new *query* set of auto testsl and will try to cover templates thoroughly there as well. -Steve
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Lime, Steve D (DNR) wrote:
> I've been using the templating stuff a lot, works great although I'm not using WFS, rather straight
> MapServer queries. My rec. compass app supports multiple query formats via templates (KML, HTML
> and GeoJSON) using that mechanism. It's kinda hard to show though.


To correct my previous statement, I find that msautotest does in fact
have good examples of the new template support.  I just wasn't grepping
for the right things.


I'll dig further into this per your guidance and once I have some sort of
working prototype I'll prepare an RFC.

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