[mapserver-dev] Proposal to add built-in OpenLayers map viewer

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Sep 24 15:53:06 EDT 2010

Bob Basques wrote:
> Well, that explains some of it, but now it's seeming like OpenLayers is
> a bit heavy for something like that, all mapserver would need to do
> something like pan/zoom would be something smaller than OL
> Looking at the example, while is only loads a couple of lines in page,
> looking at it from the download in firebug, it's doing a few more
> things.  Is the real problem in keeping some list straight in the
> distro, and only one is desired?

You got a very good point, but unfortunately pure/simple HTML is so
1999'ish, that would not give the slippy map effect and the map refresh
without page reload.  :(

Also keep in mind that this is for testing/development purposes (to test
a mapfile while you work on it) and not for production or deploying
full-featured sites, so waiting a few seconds for the first time the
page loads is not a huge deal. Once OpenLayers is cached in your browser
you should not have to pay that price of that download again (unless I'm

Daniel Morissette

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