[mapserver-dev] KML OUTPUTFORMAT

Guillaume Sueur no-reply at neogeo-online.net
Thu Dec 1 10:18:32 EST 2011


I'm testing MapServer KML OutputFormat and am experiencing strange 

First is a question : why is KML OUTPUT needs WMS requests when SHAPEZIP 
uses WFS ? Using WMS for getting vector feature is a bit disturbing.

Second is a consequence of the previous. If I copy a WMS request from my 
logs and just change format=png to format=kml, it works great. If I 
paste this URL in Google Earth, it is still OK (but static). If I want 
to have auto-refresh of my features on camera stops, I then paste with 
URL without BBOX, which is then added by GoogleEarth. BUt the result is 
then unpredictable (coords like 5,45 are received in 280,430 or 
whatever). I discovered (after a while...) that it goes mad when BBOX 
proportions don't fit the height/width frame, which is impossible to 
update with GoogleEarth.

Can't the width/height be forgotten in the request processing when a KML 
format is requested ?

Third is a mapscript problem : when I add the KML or KMZ outputformat to 
my mapfile, any try to load the mapfile with python mapscript ends up 
with a "MapServerError: loadOutputFormat(): General error message. 
OUTPUTFORMAT clause references driver KML, but this driver isn't 

mapserv -v gives an OUTPUT=KML and python mapscript has been built and 
installed from that version.

Thanks for your help


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