[mapserver-dev] Scale checking function or macro...

Lime, Steve D (DNR) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Fri Dec 16 11:18:29 EST 2011

Hi all: I'm doing some refactoring in mapdraw.c/msDrawShape() for RFC 77 and see code like
this frequently:

 if(map->scaledenom > 0) {
   if((curStyle->maxscaledenom != -1) && (map->scaledenom >= curStyle->maxscaledenom))
   if((curStyle->minscaledenom != -1) && (map->scaledenom < curStyle->minscaledenom))

Seems ripe for a utility function (e.g. msScaleInBounds() or a macro). I did a quick scan of the
headers and didn't find anything similar but thought I check before adding. Anyone put something
like this in place already? What's better a function or a macro? Assuming a macro I'm not sure
what a macro would look like- ideas welcome.


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