[mapserver-dev] Proposal for OWS Dispatch improvement

Kralidis,Tom [Ontario] Tom.Kralidis at ec.gc.ca
Wed Jun 8 09:39:29 EDT 2011

+1 on the improvement and no RFC needed.  I echo Assefa's comments.


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Hi Fabian,

I agree with the assessment that It is a good improvement. Checking 
quickly, I do not see any issues of doing what you propose if the 
current quirks and functionality described in #2531 are kept.  I also 
agree that there is no need for an RFC.

best regards,

On 07/06/2011 5:18 PM, Stephan Meißl wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-06-07 at 15:13 -0400, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>> On 11-06-07 11:56 AM, Fabian Schindler wrote:
>>>     1. In msOWSDispatch, a preliminary parsing function determines the service,
>>>        version and the request from the KVP or XML request.
>> Fabian,
>> Your idea sounds good to me.  The only caution I will provide is I think
>> there were some special cases for some services treating the SERVICE
>> parameter as optional (perhaps WMS?) in some versions and you would need
>> to take care to replicate this.
>> We have lots of time to shake out any quirks with regard to this in trunk
>> before 6.2 is released.  Assuming you get positive feedback from some of
>> Assefa, Daniel, Tom and Steve who I think cover much of the OGC service
>> responsibilities then I would suggest you go ahead and prepare the patch.
>> Stephan can commit the changes.  I don't think an RFC is needed though
>> perhaps the other guys will see a need for one.
>> Best regards,
> Frank, all,
> you're right, e.g. in WMS 1.0.0 the SERVICE parameter is non-existent.
> Tom provided a good starting point [1] some time ago.
> I guess Fabian would be happy to write an RFC although he wouldn't
> object if he doesn't need to ;). To start with, maybe a more verbose
> ticket could be used? Anyway, lets see what others think.
> cu
> Stephan
> [1] http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/ticket/2531#comment:6
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