[mapserver-dev] Specifying WMS layers in GetFeatureInfo which are not queryable

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 09:49:12 EDT 2011

Hi Devs,

We are using the new UNION and CLUSTER setting to combine features from
multiple layers in WMS requests. The set of the source layers along with the
union layer are defined dynamically in the LAYERS section such as:


and the union layer use the *PROCESSING "UNION_STATUS_CHECK=TRUE"* option to
make sure that only the visible source layers are used when retrieving data
at the union (cluster) layer.

This approach works quite well with the GetMap requests but do not work with
the GetFeatureInfo requests since all of the layers specified in the *
QUERY_LAYERS* parameter should be queriable (by specifying the
*TEMPLATE*setting) otherwise an error message is generated at the
server. Our
intention is to make only the union layer queryable but we still require to
enumerate the source layers in the *QUERY_LAYERS* parameter.

Would that be a chance to remove the check that all layers should be
queryable (in msWMSFeatureInfo line 3200) or make the check conditional
(controlled by a processing option for example).
In my opinion it is not harmful to issue a query on a non-queryable layer so
removing this check would not result in erroneous operation.

Or do we have some other reasons which make this check inevitable?

Best regards,

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