[mapserver-dev] MapServer collect Project Info for presentations, abstracts...

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Wed Mar 2 13:31:05 EST 2011

Hello mapserver-devs,

I created a trac-wiki page:


The idea about this page is to collect MapServer Project Info for
presentations, abstracts...

It would be nice to find information like history, number of mailing-list
members, committers, challenges of the last/new version...  It would be
easy to keep this page up to date and take it as a base for presentations.

The actual reason, why I created this page was that we have a presentation
on FOSSGIS in april 2011 about "MapServer 6.0" and it would be good to
collect the information and reuse it maybe for the next event which may be

We also want to make code examples and screenshots and it would be good to
reuse this material in the MapServer documentation or for the next

I discussed all this already with Jeff. What do you think about this idea?
Or is there a similar page with this information already?

I do not want to stress you with this idea as you are working on the next
release. It is more the idea on proving documentation and material that we
all can use.


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