[mapserver-dev] MapServer Project Status Report at FOSS4G 2011

Jan Hartmann j.l.h.hartmann at uva.nl
Thu Mar 3 04:38:20 EST 2011

Perhaps this picture of 2003 could serve as a slide:


Tom Burk gave it as title :The Proud "Mother & Father" (you had to be 
there) <http://mapserver.sara.nl/conferences/2003/mum/photos/soc1.jpg>*

And sure he was right!


PS: The 2003 conference proceedings are somewhere on the osgeo site, but 
I couldn't find them

On 03/03/11 06:17, Lime, Steve D (DNR) wrote:
> I submitted the presentation tonite. I'm the first presenter, and I listed Daniel second (in respect of his mother-like status), with Jeff and Steve W. also listed. Perhaps we can add others, and certainly all PSC members are most welcome to participate. 20-30 minutes ain't much time...
> Abstract was this:
> "This session starts with a status report of the MapServer project,
> followed by an open question/answer session to give a chance to users to
> interact with members of the MapServer project team.
> We will go over the main features and enhancements made to the software
> in the last year (which includes the many new features of MapServer
> 6.0), the current and future direction of the project, the organization
> of the project and the role of the Project Steering Committee (PSC), and
> finally discuss contribution opportunities for interested developers and
> users.
> Don’t miss this chance to meet and chat with the members of the
> MapServer project team face-to-face in Denver!"
> Steve
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