[mapserver-dev] OSGeo Montreal Code Sprint seeking more sponsors due to record participation

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Mar 4 07:57:17 EST 2011

Dear MapServer users,

The Montreal Code Sprint of March 15-18, 2011 has reached a record of 29 
registered participants from 9 open source projects as of yesterday. 
This is awesome news for OSGeo and its projects that will get a 
significant boost of code and contributions during that week!

This will also greatly benefit the MapServer project since this number 
includes 14 people who signed up to work on MapServer as you can see in 
the list of participants at:

The downside of this is that our initial budget was for ~20 
participants, and with close to 50% more sprinters we need to adjust the 
budget accordingly and are turning to you to help us find more sponsors 
to balance the new budget.

** CALL FOR NEW SPONSORS - An investment in the technology that you use! **

We are looking for another round of sponsors ($750 each) to support food 
and fun for the sprinters as they work hard and play hard for four 
productive days. Each $750 sponsorship will be put towards lunch, snacks 
and dinner costs for the sprinters, and any surplus at the end of the 
event will be turned over to OSGeo or used for a future code sprint.

If your organization is using one of the software projects listed below, 
then please consider this call for sponsorship as an investment in 
MapServer, the technology that you use, and contact me at dmorissette at 
mapgears.com to confirm your sponsorship. In addition to visibility in 
our public announcements you will get recognition for your contribution 
from the developers and from the OSGeo community.

Please also keep in mind that all the participants are volunteering 
several days of their time in addition to paying for their own travel 
and hotel expenses.

More information about this event is available here:


The Open Source projects currently represented are:

  * MapServer
  * PostGIS
  * libLAS
  * ZOO Project
  * TinyOWS
  * GeoPrisma
  * OpenLayers
  * GeoExt

Thank you once again to our current sponsors

750$ Sponsors:
- LizardTech - http://www.lizardtech.com/
- Azavea - http://www.azavea.com/
- qPublic - http://qpublic.net/
- Farallon Geographics - http://fargeo.com/
- Airborne Interactive - http://airborne.aero/
- Boreal - Information Strategies (Borealis) - http://www.boreal-is.com/
- Mapgears - http://www.mapgears.com/

Hockey Night Sponsor:
- Gateway Geomatics - http://gatewaygeomatics.com/

Host (Room and Internet):
- Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) - http://cmm.qc.ca/

Please do not hesitate to redistribute this announcement in your 
respective channels.

Daniel Morissette

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