[mapserver-dev] shp2img exit status

Peter Hopfgartner peter.hopfgartner at r3-gis.com
Fri Mar 18 05:06:53 EDT 2011

I can do something on this, maybe over the weekend. Should the exit code be simply "1" or should a constant/macro be defined in mapserver.h for this, like MS_EXIT_ERROR/MS_EXIT_OK ?

Peter Hopfgartner
R3 GIS Srl - GmbH

--------Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com> wrote--------
Subject: Re: [mapserver-dev] shp2img exit status
Date: 17.03.2011 14:44

>On 11-03-17 12:39 AM, Peter Hopfgartner wrote:
>> Looking through the source of shp2img, it seems that exit status 0 is
>used even when an error was encountered, see lines 133, 142, 246, 274,
>305. I guess the same is true for other file executables. Should I create
>a ticket for this?
>Yes, I think this is worth filing a ticket though I'm not sure when we
>will address it.  A ticket with a patch would of course have more rapid
>effect.  I did confirm mapserv has a similar problem.
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