[mapserver-dev] msautotest - STRIP directive

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sun Mar 20 16:51:14 EDT 2011


I was having problems with Steve's new msautotest/misc/runtime_sub.map
tests.  The error reports included an absolute path to the files and this
varied depending on where things were run in different peoples trees.  I
have implemented a new directive for postprocessing the output file making
it possible to strip specific text lines - those containing a particular

For example:

# RUN_PARMS: runtime_sub_test001.txt [MAPSERV] 
QUERY_STRING='map=[MAPFILE]&mode=map&layer=layer1&name1=bdry_counpy2' > 

This may be useful for other tests we have in the past avoided because
it was hard to make them work smoothly in different environments.  I have
also updated the regression testing document accordingly.

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