[mapserver-dev] Expanding the MapServer Project (Next Steps)

Olivier Courtin olivier.courtin at oslandia.com
Wed Mar 30 04:59:27 EDT 2011

On Mar 30, 2011, at 7:06 AM, Lime, Steve D (DNR) wrote:


> Hi all: Reaction has been very positive from all sides and I'd like  
> to keep moving forward. I'm curious what Thomas and Olivier et al.  
> think
> about Frank's idea of RFCs as the start of the process. It's good in  
> that it's something actionable by the MapServer PSC. I'd be happy  
> to, as may
> others, assist in any way necessary.

>> Moving forward, I'd like to see a proponent prepare an RFC for each
>> project that might join addressing some of the details of how the
>> transition would occur, how code will be reviewed, who will be added
>> as a committer or PSC member and so on.  We can then discuss those
>> written up details and vote once things are well established.

Some informations to feed the discussion and the coming RFC:

   - TinyOWS is already using MIT licence.

On code review :
  - The C code, i think will be easy to review as written from scratch
  - CITE Unit tests and XSD schemas have to be reviewed more carefully
     on licence issues has they came mostly from external.
     => On this one any help/clear information is appreciated.

   - Only few of them are still open.
     So a quick way to do it, is to recreate them manually on  
MapServer trac.
      => I could handle.

   - Current doc using Wiki Trac.
      Have to be migrate to Sphinx syntax.
      And also enhance content with few more examples and something  
like an FAQ
      => I could take with some helps (external point of view, english  

   - Do we have a clean way to keep the commits history ? It could be  
really nice.
     => ?

  - I think we have to encourage all peoples to using mapserver-dev
    and mapserver-users instead of tinyows-* ones.
    => I could take the action.

Commiters and PSC:
   - Right now TinyOWS commiters are Assefa, Alan and myself
     so both of them are already MapServer commiters.
     So should imply to had commit access and PSC to myself.
     => Mapserver PSC task

   - TinyOWS use like MapServer autoconf and Makefile to build.
      Right now we could imagine the following scenarii:
       - On MapServer configure, add a --enable-tinyows
       - Keep the ability to build TinyOWS in a standalone way
         (cf independant release cycle)
      So imply to enhance/modify MS configure.in
    => ?

   For information dependancies:
   - LibXML2 >= 2.6.20
   - PostgreSQL >= 8.1.0
   - PostGIS >= 1.5
   - Flex
   - FastCGI is optional (but recommended)


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