[mapserver-dev] Runtime Substitution bug

Nicolas BOUTET nicolas.boutet at geosys.com
Thu Sep 15 12:07:15 EDT 2011



I'm using MapServer 6.0.1 in conjunction with GDAL 1.8 (Tamas binaries) with
IIS 7.5, and I get an issue while using runtime substitution.


I have a LAYER where the data source if defined like this :


                               CONNECTIONTYPE         OGR

"OCI:./.. at gti5500"

                               DATA "SELECT idblock, entitiesMbr

                                               FROM block

                                               WHERE idblock = %idBlock% "


Please note that there is a space character at the end of the SQL statement,
after the variable to substitute.

All is working fine while the space is still here.

If I remove it, I get an Error 500 from the Server and the Windows
Application logs register an error in the MSVCR100.dll module.


Of course, the layer contains also a validation block like this:





It seems that this is a bug in variable substitution. Can you confirm this?
Have you already observe this kind of issue?





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