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Re: 2. I've not made a commitment to supporting the common expression handling in any specific drivers. I'm sure that translation can be done, it's just a matter of doing it. I don't know that there will be time ahead of the 2.0 feature freeze unless somebody else takes it up. It's really a behind-the-scenes improvement for primarily performance. Changes or extensions to filter support are likely easier and probably could be put in place assuming someone can document what's needed.

That said, I don't know how INSPIRE could place any requirements on performance. I'd be interested in learning more and where exactly MapServer falls short and how that conclusion was arrived at. We could always just find a bigger box...


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Steve, Olivier,

thanks for your responses.

We will then start on producing documents (Wiki-pages?) which should lead to RFCs on the changes required in MapServer first of all to support WFS 2.0 (very brief analysis: for the most part fairly straightforward) and then INSPIRE Download Service once the final interface specification is published (very brief analysis: could get rather complicated particularly due to the requirement to support the data model specifications).

A couple of questions from my side to begin with:

1. What is the future of MapServer WFS, particularly w.r.t. integration of TinyOWS? Is the current MapServer WFS a dead-end and we should just be looking at working with Olivier to try and get everything WFS2.0/INSPIRE-related implemented in TinyOWS, or are both "products" going to be developed in parallel for the foreseeable future?

2. Assuming we're talking about doing this in MapServer itself, what is the status of the planned changes in the filter handling and moving everything to common expressions? Obviously this has a big impact on WFS. In the comments to Ticket #3800 these were noted as being for 6.2: is this still the plan? Since INSPIRE also places tight requirements on response times to WFS queries then the current MapServer WFS performance would also need to be improved - which means that the changes in filters would be a prerequisite for this (and would be sensible to be completed before WFS 2.0 since some changes in Filter Encoding are also needed there).

Best regards,

Edward Nash


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