[mapserver-dev] GetFeatureInfo to PostGIS not in order by

Derek Morgan jdmorgan at unca.edu
Fri Mar 9 07:00:18 EST 2012


I am using the DATA parameter to pull in data from a PostGIS DB.  It
is in the format of [geometry_column] from [sql_subquery] , then in a
web application we are utilizing the WMS GetFeatureInfo to obtain the
data on the front-end web gis.

However, my problem is in that I am able to do an “order by” in the
sql_subquery, but it doesn’t come through to the GetFeatureInfo in the
order that I specified.


DATA "the_geom from (select the_geom, item1, item2 from table1 order
by item1) as
      subquery using unique gid using srid=4326"

I was curious if anyone has any experience
with this, and how I might get this to work.


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