[mapserver-dev] move to github ?

thomas bonfort thomas.bonfort at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 09:52:12 PDT 2012

Hi devs,

I would like to get the ball rolling and start talking about switching
from svn to git, and trac to github. I don't think it's worth
enumerating the advantages of git over svn for collaborative
development, but there are a few issues that will probably spark

I believe we have multiple options, which mostly revolve around
keeping our actual trac instance, or moving entirely to github.

option 1: host our own git server, keep our current trac instance.
this option is probably the less disruptive, and prevents us from
relying on github. But it is also the option that prevents us from
using the nifty features github offers, namely pull requests, commit
commenting, online editing for quick fixups, ...

option 2: host the code at github, keep our trac instance. probably
not a good option, as we'd have to juggle between trac features and
github features

option 3: host code and tracker on github, import all trac tickets to github.

option 4: host code and tracker on github, starting with a clean slate
and having users migrate the tickets that are still current.

My personal preference is option 4. Option 3 will probably be a
consequent task, for little added value imho (as a large number of our
open tickets have become invalid with subsequent releases). The
OpenLayers team chose to go with a mix of option 2 and option 4, and
will probably go with option 4 only, given the advantages offered by

any other options? what are your thoughts?


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