[mapserver-dev] Your advice and help are requested for our GIS Project

Mohamed Elshayal elshayal55 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 12 17:42:52 PDT 2012

Dear My GIS friends and my Developer friends, in Map Server developing project and other communities,

I wish, you could download and evaluate our free GIS Software, because here in Egypt, we really need your expert and professional advice and support  

I wish also, you could submit our Free GIS project to any trusted American Expert community or university, which could support our free GIS Software Project.

Nowadays, in Egypt, We are almost going to give up and stop our project.

and here under are our free download, and manual course, and Tutorial Videos links

The Free Smart GIS Software Ver. 4.74 Free Download

The Free Smart GIS Software Course


The Free Smart GIS Software Tutorials Videos

Smart GIS Map Editor Facebook Photos Gallery 

Smart GIS Map Editor approved by Download.cnet.com

Smart GIS Map Editor approved by Softpedia.com

The Free Smart GIS Software yahoo Group

The best of GIS Users tools 2006

GIS Ideas Conference Organized by Japan-Vietnam Geoinformatics Consortium (JVGC) Institute for Environment and Resources (IER-HCMC)

United Nations Spatial Data Infrastructure (Netherlands Coordination Office) website Recommending our Free GIS Software 
Menu -> Links -> Tools -> Elshayal Smart GIS Map Editor and Surface Analysis

The Free Smart GIS Software Paper

The Free Smart GIS Software Google Blog

Example Functions

	1. Convert GIS Shape to AutoCAD DXF File and Vise versa
	2. Building Tin Surface Analysis
	3. Building Contour Surface Analysis
	4. Converting 2D to 3D Surface Analysis
	5. Calculating 2D and 3D Areas and Volumes
	6. Convert Vector and Raster Layer Coordinates System between UTM and Geographic Lon-Lat
	7. Save layout images with written Lon and Lat coordinates to help exporting them to Autocad
	8. Download and save Google Earth Images as rectified images with world file format .jgw
	9. Makes Google Earth as a Background of your GIS Geographic Lon-Lat Map
Menu->Tools->Synchronize Google Earth with Geographic Lon-Lat Map
	10. Convert and use All Transverse Mercator Projections & Transformations
Free Smart GIS Documents Collection

By typing and the searching for "Elshayal Smart GIS" in any Search Engine you can find out the presence of our Egyptian Software in all Software Databases around the World

Thank you and best personal regards
Mohamed Elshayal
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