[mapserver-dev] Github Issue Tracker

Alan Boudreault aboudreault at mapgears.com
Thu May 10 08:34:40 EDT 2012

Hi devs,

An discussion raised up this morning on IRC. I was checking some issues 
and noticed that the github project mapserver/tinyows hadn't the issue 
tracker enabled, though mapserver/mapcache had one.

We would need to clarify this for us and users and be consistent. Where 
should I create a ticket for tinyows, mapcache and even doc? There are 
two options:

1: All issues are created in the github project mapserver/mapserver and 
committed in their appropriate github repo. This implies to set the 
LABEL to the appropriate component of the issue. This is similar to the 
way we worked with SVN (and selecting the component). This regroups 
everything at the same place, which is a good think. However, if we 
create an issue related to tinyows and commit a patch in the repo, it is 
not as straightforward to reference that commit or ticket. To get the 
automatic referencing in the ticket:

  - we need to commit with: git commit -m "bla bla bla 

  - in a ticket, we can refenrence a commit with: "this is a comment1 
mapserver/tinyowns at 1234567"

There is proabably other referencing issues... ie... attaching a pull 
request with a ticket.

2: All issues are created in their own github project and committed 
normally. This is (IMO) more easy and straightforward for users and devs 
as well.

  - commits are as we did in the pass, a simple #1234 , and @123456 to 
reference a changeset.

  - It is more easy to see ALL issues related to the specific project, 
since even if the label is missing, it has been created as the right place.

  - Also, the concept of *label* in github seems different than a trac 
component. I don't think we can specify a *owner* for a label. Correct 
me if I am wrong Thomas. At least, creating issues in 
MapCache/TinyOWS/Docs would clearly set the component to the project owner.

As Thomas mentionned, both solutions have their strengths and weaknesses.

What do you think?


Alan Boudreault

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