[mapserver-dev] MapCache - Seg Fault

Worth Lutz wal3 at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 7 13:27:25 PST 2012

On further testing so I could properly define my problem, I was able to
successfully set up multiple types of caches.


Sorry for the noise.


Upon further test so I could properly define the problem to you, I
successfully created a MapCache with all three types of caches.


I must have made some other error which was causing the problem I was seeing
earlier. Maybe it was the permissions on my cache directories.


Anyway thanks for this great program.


Worth Lutz



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I tried to configure a MapCache using multiple types of caches. I'm just
trying to learn how to use this.


When I had a "mbtiles" cache and a "sqlite3" cache both defined, I got pink
tiles and the apache error.log showed:


child pid 1078 exit signal Segmentation fault


I successfully defined a MapCache with "disk" and either "mbtiles" or
"sqlite3" types separately. 


Can a MapCache have both "mbtiles" and "sqlite3" types at the same time or
is this something I should not have tried?


I could not find anything about this in the documentation.


Worth Lutz

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