[mapserver-dev] [mapserver-users] Accessing images from remote servers

Ian Walberg ian.walberg at airborne.aero
Wed Oct 3 10:17:51 PDT 2012


Our imagery data today is in a number of individual files and we use the tileindex to allow the one layer to access whatever is available for that area.

If we use  WMS or WFS to access the imagery can we use the same setup for the layer on the WMS server?



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On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 5:59 PM, Ian Walberg <ian.walberg at airborne.aero> wrote:
> Hello list,
> We need to build a mapserver application which is running on multiple 
> devices with limited local storage, because of this the imagery will 
> have to be  on a separate server.
> The application we have today runs on a single server and we access 
> the imagery using tileindex shapefiles.
> So the question is when we move everything but the imagery to the 
> individual devices can we access the imagery tileindex shapfiles 
> remotely? We currently limited experience of the WMS and WFS 
> interfaces but from a quick look these do not seem to allow us to 
> access the tileindex as we do locally.

Probably the first question, if you are going to access your data remotely through WMS/WFS, is "why would you need to access the tileindexes" ?

> Hope this makes sense and I look forward to some suggestions.
> Many thanks
> Ian
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