[mapserver-dev] [vote] Call for vote on RFC98

Stephan Meißl stephan at meissl.name
Thu Aug 29 05:42:12 PDT 2013


On 08/29/2013 10:11 AM, thomas bonfort wrote:
> Devs,
> I would like to call for vote on RFC98
> http://mapserver.org/development/rfc/ms-rfc-98.html. In addition to
> the text rendering overhaul, that branch will also pull in the
> following changes:
> - RFC99 GD removal
> - Removal of deprecated annotation layers
> - added some compiler annotations to warn for unused return values
> - added some compiler annotations to indicate likely/unlikely branch
> conditions (to help the optimizer)
> - renamed the WITH_THREADS cmake flag to WITH_THREAD_SAFETY to better
> indicate its role
> There are still a couple of points I would like to address before the
> 7.0 release (namely cleaner handling of BITMAP fonts (more to come on
> this later on), and maybe revisiting the font/glyph caching), but in
> any case the code is usable right away and passes all tests.
> I'll start with my +1.
> regards,
> thomas

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