[mapserver-dev] Contributing to MapServer

Alex Wells alexwells at landez.com
Wed Jan 30 09:31:51 PST 2013


While working on a project that will convert mapfiles to xmlmapfiles (
https://github.com/10000maps/map2xml) I have discovered problems in the
mapfile.xsd file included with mapserver. The errors are instances where
mapfiles that were working are considered invalid by the xsd when run with

On github I have forked mapserver and made a branch with the changes (

I would like to contribute the improvements to the mapserver project, but
am unsure how to go about it. Previously I submitted a pull request with
only some of the changes.  It got marked as failed, but I couldn't figure
out why (I've never used Jenkins before). I closed that request because I
thought I might as well submit all the changes to the mapfile.xsd file at

Should I open a new Pull Request? or email a patch to someone? or something

Alex Wells
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