[mapserver-dev] Change in msProjectionObj2OGCWKT() to use OSRImportFromEPSG() when possible

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Sun Jul 7 11:11:01 PDT 2013


I've prepared the following pull request : 

This changes msProjectionObj2OGCWKT() to use OSRImportFromEPSG() when possible 
(i.e. when the projection is defined as +init=EPSG:XXXX).

This helps when using OGR OUTPUTFORMAT with some formats that need an EPSG 
code to be explicitely set in the OGRSpatialReference object. 
The updated tests are there :
One can notice a few changes in some WFS OGR output that show the benefit of 
having the EPSG code set. 
This also causes a number of updates in the WCS test-suite : they are due to 
the citation part of the SRS encoded in GeoTIFF being drawn now from the EPSG 
database instead of the name that PROJ.4 tried to build (and that is often 
Any objection to my applying this ?
Best regards,
Geospatial professional services

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