[mapserver-dev] UTFGrid support

Francois Desjarlais fdesjarlais1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 08:47:08 PDT 2013

Hi Thomas,

I worked a lot in the UTFGrid renderer recently and I have a question about
AGG to ask you. First, you wrote to Daniel in your latest discussion about
UTFGrid that it was possible to use AGG with int32u instead of colors. But
going through AGG doc, I can't find any mention to it. Is changing the
rendering buffer type from colors chars to int32u really going to make it
or is there more thing to change like pixel_format and color_type? If so is
it possible to generate any color_type and pixel_format from template
because those already in place only use color chars.

Also, in your recommandation mail you wrote:
"you should not be messing with map->cellsize, scale, width, height,etc...
inside mapdraw.c. Your utfRes adjustments should be private to the
But the image width, height and resolution are set outside the createImage
function in the mapdraw.c. The image variables are set directly from the
map such as image->resolution = map->resolution. If I try to set my own
width, height and res they get overwritten by those right outside the
createImage function. I know AGG don't set these inside its createImage but
is it the same with every renderer? If it isn't the same with every
renderer, is it possible to move that code inside AGG so image variables
don't get overwritten after they get out of createImage?

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