[mapserver-dev] WFS GetFeatures and BBOX problem

Guillaume Sueur no-reply at neogeo-online.net
Tue Jul 16 02:58:48 PDT 2013

Hi list,

I'm experiencing a weird situation here.
I'm using a PostGIS Layer in WFS. If I send a getFeatures request, the 
requested BBOX is transformed when getting in Postgis.
Everything here (data, requests...) is in EPSG:4326.

For example : my WFS Request has
Postgis SQL Query is (as seen from MS DEBUG)
geom && ST_GeomFromText('POLYGON((-10.2941176470588 
33.7058823529412,-10.2941176470588 57.2941176470588,13.2941176470588 
57.2941176470588,13.2941176470588 33.7058823529412,-10.2941176470588 

I don't understand why the BBOX gets modified, and by sooo much!
I have tested with MS 5, 6.0 and 6.2.1 : same results
I have tried to add precision to my BBOX : same results

When moving a single coordinate of the bbox, only one coordinate of the 
SQL is affected. Changing the previous BBOX to
gives for SQL :
33.7058823529412,-9.79411764705882 57.2941176470588,13.2941176470588 
57.2941176470588,13.2941176470588 33.7058823529412,-9.79411764705882 

it shows that all coordinates but minx haven't changed. So I don't think 
it's something related to projection.

I have looked in various source code files, but I can't find the place 
where the BBOX is replaced by a RectObj, because I don't know if this 
kind of request relies to wfs, query, or whatever else.

Any clue would be appreciated

best regards

Guillaume Sueur

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