[mapserver-dev] First ScribeUI 0.1 Release

Jessica Lapointe jlapointe at mapgears.com
Wed Jul 24 07:42:29 PDT 2013

Hi list,

ScribeUI is a tool meant to help the editing and management of mapfiles,
supporting Scribe<http://www.mapgears.com/en/blog/archive/2013-03-12-scribe>and
Standard mapfile syntax, and also
basemaps <https://github.com/mapserver/basemaps> in the near future. I am
currently developing this tool as a Google Summer of
In the last few weeks, I worked on the GUI of ScribeUI, trying to
make it as good and smooth as possible, and it is now ready to test and try
out by the community!

Please keep in mind that this is far for complete, but we felt that it was
important to release early, as this allows to gather opinions on what the
users want and need. Any feedback is welcome, should it be new feature
ideas, general comments or bug reports.

I would love to see many people play with ScribeUI, but I would advise
against doing any critical work for now, as the software might be a bit
unstable at times.

I listed below a few bugs and unfinished tasks that are currently known.

Work in Progress

   - The map list (in the Manager) is just a bunch of blank file icons for
   now. These will become map snapshots.
   - The Scribe syntax errors for now are not clear. This is solved in a
   new version of Scribe which I will integrate in the next release.
   - Basemap support is on hold until next release, it has to be tested
   - For now only one template is available for each map type.
   - It is not yet possible to edit workspace or map name, description or
   - UI error messages need more work to be clear to the user.

Known Bugs

   - The layout was mostly tested in Firefox. Scrollbars and other oddities
   appear in Chrome.
   - Sometimes the backend start giving out errors 500 on open, save, or
   pretty much any ajax call to the map.
   - Long map names don’t display very well in the map list
   - Resizing the window completely breaks the layout.
   - Web browsers’ default handling of ctrl-z results in loss of layer
   - It is only possible to close the secondary editor (map, variable,
   scales, etc… ) by selecting the empty option in the select menu.
   - The browser font is too small

Download and Links

To get ScribeUI 0.1, you can either clone the repo on
github<https://github.com/mapgears/scribeui>and checkout v0.1 or
download an archive:

ScribeUI and its installation instructions are available on github:

The Scribe syntax is described here:

Bug reports can be made on github:

Updates will also be published on the blog:

Discussion is encouraged on this mailing list. If there is a lot of
interest and discussion, we'll see about creating a separate list.

Thanks a lot!

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