[mapserver-dev] Update on the autotest CI setup

thomas bonfort thomas.bonfort at gmail.com
Mon May 6 05:36:42 PDT 2013


Just a heads up on a few changes that relate to our CI/autotest setup:

- I have switched back our main CI instance to be travis-ci. the
ci.mapserver.org instance will be shut down soon.

- The initial push for this was to harmonize the test results between 32
and 64 bit platforms, although that proved to be impossible (for me at
least). Here's what has changed:
  - we'll use lrint if available inside MS_NINT. We beforehand used
assembler code to do this, but therefore fell back to the slower
GENERIC_MS_NINT on 64bit platforms
  - we do not round pixel coordinates when transforming points from geo to
pixel. this was left over from the GD days

- The default setup for running autotests has evolved to ubuntu 12.04
64bits instead of 32 bits. The autotests have been updated to reflect the
changes in output, and as there are now a large number of tests that are
different in 6.2 compared to master, it is not recommended to merge
branch-6-2 autotests into master

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