[mapserver-dev] Regression test issue: NULLs in shapefiles...

Lime, Steve D (MNIT) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Mon Aug 25 12:25:16 PDT 2014

I think your last suggestion is a good one - it's a pretty localized change to msEvalExpression() for regex expressions and the logical expression parser (mapparser.y).


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Le lundi 25 août 2014 17:42:26, Lime, Steve D (MNIT) a écrit :
> Hi all: I'm trying to debug a failing CITE test
> (wfs_200_cite_filter_like.xml) for RFC 91 that uses PropertyIsLike. In 
> master that resolves to "item like '%'"  for OGR and other databases. 
> For a shapefile it resolves to "item ~ '.*'". In the test shapefile 
> data there are a bunch of null values for the item being checked. The 
> test in question uses the OGR driver. Here's a quick summary:
> Master:
> -          Using OGR driver gets expression WHERE island_e like "%" and
> returns 3 features, ignoring nulls
> -          Using shapefile driver gets expression "[island_e]" ~ ".*" and
> returns all features
> RFC 91:
> -          Using OGR driver gets expression  "[island_e]" ~ ".*" and
> returns all features
> -          Using shapefile driver gets expression "[island_e]" ~ ".*" and
> returns all features
> This change is because RFC 91 translation runs through the MapServer 
> expression syntax and the OGR driver can handle both cases. However, 
> that's not the problem since you shouldn't see the difference in 
> master either - a straight shapefile fails. I'm guessing that way down 
> in the shapefile driver nulls in the DBF are handled as empty string 
> which technically match the "0 or more character" pattern. Any ideas 
> on how to deal with something like this?

In OGR, empty strings in .DBF are consider as NULL values, and not empty strings. I'm not sure this is a universal choice, because DBF has no proper way of specifying the NULL concept.
And I don't think there's this concept of NULL currently in MapServer attributes (the lack of typing is also quite limiting sometimes). The start would be to change msDBFReadAttribute() to return NULL if DBFIsValueNULL(). 
But that would likely cause many problems in the rest of the code base.... 
Or a more restricted change when a LIKE is evaluated to consider that empty string is NULL and then evaluate it to FALSE.

> Changing the regex to ".+" makes the test pass but I don't think 
> that's the correct solution.
> Steve
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