[mapserver-dev] RFC-108 : heatmap generation

Lime, Steve D (MNIT) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
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What about possibly defining the color ramp with an image. I've built these sort of products outside of MapServer using GDAL and ImageMagik and the latter used images to store the ramp. The interpolated pixel value is used to lookup the appropriate color (based on y value). The nice thing was that I could build the ramp using a tool like Photoshop pretty easily and the image would almost act as sort of a preview. Attached is an example of one I use in combination with ImageMagik...


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please have a look at RFC-108 [1]. The associated code and the RFC are still beta, so there's still plenty of room for modification or remarks.

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[1] http://mapserver.org/development/rfc/ms-rfc-108.html
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