[mapserver-dev] ScribeUI: MapServer Mapfile Development Made Easy Version 1.2

Jessica Lapointe jlapointe at mapgears.com
Wed Sep 3 10:22:56 PDT 2014

Hi list!

The 2014 Google Summer of Code has ended, and this summer's changes are
available in the new 1.2 release of ScribeUI!

You can download this new release on ScribeUI's github [1].

What's new?
- The javascript got some major makeover
- The plugins are nicely working again, and even more flexible then before!
A tutorial is available for anyone wanting to add new features to ScribeUI!
- Lots of bugfixes such as:
  - Group reordering dialog now supports multiple selection
  - The editor runs much smoother when working in large mapfiles
  - The layer groups are not hard-coded anymore, the front-end now detects
the map name and requests it instead of the previously used "default"
  - You can now delete POIs!
  - Fixed some annoying with the POIs and zoom levels that caused the map
to crash.
  - And others!

This update is available on the demo server [3] (don't hesitate to create
new workspaces and maps as everything resets once a day).

This summer allowed a lot of bugfixes to be made for ScribeUI, which is in
line with our initial goal to make it as stable as possible.

My co-mentor for this project, Julien-Samuel Lacroix, will be presenting
ScribeUI at the FOSS4G, we hope a lot of people will attend his

Thanks a lot to the users who opened issues or left feedback this summer!

[1] Download the release:
[2] Plugin creation tutorial: http://scribeui.org/plugin-creation.html
[3] Demo: http://demo.scribeui.org/

Jessica Lapointe
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