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Lime, Steve D (MNIT) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
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‘Today’ means Monday I guess. I created an MapServer account and added Even as a collaborator/administrator and added the mapserver/owner and developers github teams as administrators and users respectively. Hopefully that was correct.


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I’ll do that today and get back with you.

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the best would be then that you create the account since it will need an e mail for activation and in case of password forgetting. You can then add my github account as additional administrator.


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Hi Even: Thanks for taking this on. Seems useful I since most devs have zero way to test changes in the context of Windows. Making it work with a MapServer-specific account against master sounds like the way to go rather than burdening your account. I'd be happy being the username/password custodian if need be.


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I've experimented a Appveyor Windows continuous integration setup in my fork :

And finally managed to get a successful build:

It does 32 and 64 bit builds, with Visual Studio 12 2013 (other versions could
be added to the matrix).

The current options are :
-- * Summary of configured options for this build
--  * Mandatory components
--   * png: C:\projects\mapserver\sdk\release-1800-x64\lib\libpng.lib
--   * jpeg: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/libjpeg.lib
--   * freetype: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-
--  * Optional components
--   * GDAL: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/gdal_i.lib
--   * OGR: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/gdal_i.lib
--   * GIF: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/giflib.lib
--   * MYSQL: disabled
--   * FRIBIDI: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/fribidi.lib
--   * HARFBUZZ: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/harfbuzz.lib
--   * GIF: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/giflib.lib
--   * CAIRO: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/cairo.lib
--   * SVGCAIRO: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/libsvg-
--   * RSVG: disabled
--   * CURL: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/libcurl_imp.lib
--   * PROJ: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/proj_i.lib
--   * PIXMAN: disabled
--   * LIBXML2: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/libxml2.lib
--   * POSTGIS: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/libpqdll.lib
--   * GEOS: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/geos_c.lib
--   * FastCGI: C:/projects/mapserver/sdk/release-1800-x64/lib/libfcgi.lib
--   * Oracle Spatial: disabled
--   * Exempi XMP: disabled
--  * Optional features
--   * Thread-safety support: ENABLED
--   * KML output: ENABLED
--   * Z+M point coordinate support: ENABLED
--   * XML Mapfile support: disabled
--  * Mapscripts
--   * Python: ENABLED
--   * PHP: disabled
--   * PERL: disabled
--   * RUBY: disabled
--   * JAVA: disabled
--   * C#: disabled
--   * V8 Javascript: disabled
--   * Apache Module (Experimental): disabled

So pretty much all external libs + python. No tests are run.

This relies heavily on Tamas' SDKs to provide all the required dependencies.
But I had some hard time figuring out a few cmake options. I couldn't find any
online page with a cmake Windows setup. The weirdest oddity I had to fight is
that I had to do "copy libpng.lib libpng.lib.lib" to be able to link. iconv
was a bit particular too since you have to specify ICONV_DLL unlike other
libraries. And for curl linking I add to specify -

Is there interest in migrating this to master ? My experience is that Appveyor
response time is rather dependant on the hour of the day. It can fire jobs a
few seconds after push at morning/early afternoon European time, but I found
that later in the day when North Americans wake up, builds can be queued for
minutes or hours. At least, this seems true for free accounts like mine.

The appveyor account used is mine currently. I could update it to build from
the official mapserver github repo instead of my fork, and I believe that should
work, even for pull requests.
Perhaps it would be best to have a appveyor "mapserver" account, but there's
no easy way with Appveyor to create a Appveyor account linked to a github
organization account like mapserver (contrary to Travis I believe). I found
that one can create manually a appveyor mapserver account, with independant
login&password identification, and then add github accounts of individuals as
administrators. I can try that if that's OK.

Best regards,


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