[mapserver-dev] travis-ci msautotest behavior changes

thomas bonfort thomas.bonfort at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 08:20:10 PDT 2015

Hi devs,

The current travis-ci/msautotest setup required us to use a submodule
inside our mapserver git repository, which was somehow a pain to use
as a submodule tracks a specific commit SHA and not a whole branch:

- the submodule's sha needed to be maintained/updated/committed each
time there was a change to the msautotest repository itself
- it was nearly impossible to have travis-ci run using an msautotest
branch from a repo outside of the mapserver organisation, thus making
the creation of pull requests difficult to validate if they required
an update to the autotests themselves.

I've updated the travis test script to now behave like this:

- by default, if there's a commit on mapserver/mapserver 's
branch-7-0, then the autotests from mapserver/msautotest 's branch-7-0
will be used
- you can specify which msautotest repo/version should be used by
specifying it in the commit message, with a line containing (only) the
string msautotest=repo at sha, e.g.






The feature is only active on mapserver's branch-7-0 for now, but will
find it's way into master soon.


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