[mapserver-dev] ScribeUI on Google Summer of Code 2015

Samuel Lapointe samuellapointe at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 20:17:16 PDT 2015

Hello, I'm applying on the Google summer of code for 2015 to work on
ScribeUI so I thought I could introduce myself here.

I want to work on solving the current issues, improve the error detection
(right now it outputs the mapfile's line numbers and not the Scribe files'
line numbers), add the ability to import and export workspaces and add an
automatic color scaling based on a set of data, for making statistics maps
for example. This is only a rough plan of what I am planning to do this
summer and I'm aware most of the users are part of this mailing list so I'm
open for suggestions. What features do you think should be prioritized and
what needs to be resolved first?

I am already in contact with the previous developers of ScribeUI so I have
a good understanding of how the program works, what are its goals and
what's missing. I'm hoping I can get input from you during the development
of the program so I can focus on what the users need the most.

I hope to be in contact with you!
-Samuel Lapointe

(PS: Jessica, the previous developer of Scribe is my sister)
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