[mapserver-dev] svg symbols setting color, outline width, outline color

Schylberg Lars lars.schylberg at saabgroup.com
Mon Oct 19 01:23:22 PDT 2015


I have been experimenting with SVG symbols and found that You can't set color or override colors or set outline width or outline color in Mapserver.
It seems like a very frustrating limitation or have I missed something here?

It seems like it is possible in QGIS.


Has this ever been discussed for Mapserver?

I have 100+ svg symbols that are just black and white.  I would like to give them color. It is even so that I would like to have
4 different color themes so that would mean that I would have to edit 400+ symbols in inkscape or edit by other means like a sed script.
It would also mean that my symbol file would have more than 400 entries instead of 100.

Or should I convert the svg symbols to native Mapserver symbols ?  Has anyone done that in an automated and structured manner?

Lars Schylberg

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