[mapserver-dev] WFS - numeric value truncated

Ian Walberg ian.walberg at airborne.aero
Mon Jun 13 05:09:16 PDT 2016


Can you please send an example or a link to where we can find the details.

I had a look around but cannot find anything.



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You should set a datatype at the metadata section of your layer. If auto doesn't work then you might need to set it just for the numeric fields.

Michael Smith
Remote Sensing/GIS Center
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On Jun 11, 2016, at 9:46 AM, Ian Walberg <ian.walberg at airborne.aero<mailto:ian.walberg at airborne.aero>> wrote:

Our WFS server setup is using a sqlite database and we are seeing any NUMERIC fields have their decimal places truncated, any VARCHAR fields work ok with all the decimal places retained.

We want to avoid changing he schema in the short term so are looking for a work around.

It does not look like adding a CAST to the SELECT in the DATA statement is supported, are the details of what keywords the mapserver SELECT supports?


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