[mapserver-dev] 7.0.2 maintenance release

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Sep 21 06:36:09 PDT 2016

An update: I'm working on the release notes now, and will tag the 
branch-7-0 for this release later today (rel-7-0-2).


On 2016-09-13 2:02 PM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
> Hi PSC,
> Just a heads up that I am planning on leading a MapServer 7.0.2 release
> in the coming days.  If you have any commits or pull requests to
> approve, please be sure to tackle them now.  Myself I'll tackle pull
> requests for Python3, PHP 5.6, and Windows strup(); but all hands are
> welcome.
> thanks,
> -jeff

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