[mapserver-dev] LABEL BUFFER behavior changes

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 14:17:52 PDT 2017

Hi Devs,

Was that intentional that the BUFFER paramerer for the label depends on
SYMBOLSCALE in mapserver 7?

For mapserver 6.x the buffer has been calculated as follows (in mapdraw.c):

label_buffer = (labelPtr->buffer*image->resolutionfactor);

For mapserver 7.x we use this formula:

textSymbolPtr->label->buffer * textSymbolPtr->scalefactor

where textSymbolPtr->scalefactor is in fact the layer->scalefactor

According to the documentation the buffer should be interpreted in pixels
so the 7.x behaviour is incorrect I think, where the buffer depends on the
actual scale/zoom.

I'm not aware of an RFC which would explain this change.

Let me know if I missed anything in this regard.


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