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1)      There is coordinate thinning (as is done with drawing) done depending on the requested extent and tile size. I don’t recall the exact algorithm but can dig that out. Once you dip below the resolution of your data then you’d see the same feature over and over again since no thinning can be done. Clients like MapBox GL retain features between zooms so you quit sending a layer past the point where they are full-resolution and the client can still render them when zooming. The client and server can have difference min/max scales.

2)      Yes, it should be – although I haven’t tested explicitly. It’s basically map draw…

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Hello! I have a couple of MVT-related questions:
1) What about geometry simplification? It is expected that for particular zoom level some nodes will have the same coordinates.
2) Is it possible to use inline features for MVT?

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Call for review please. I need to add the syntax changes for MapCache but that’s about it. Associated pull requests are:

-          https://github.com/mapserver/mapserver/pull/5376

-          https://github.com/mapserver/mapcache/pull/166


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