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Hi Seth: Results of my research... Thanks for sharing yours. I think you've identified a few places where some cleanup is warranted. --Steve

*RELATIVETO - I don't believe this is in use. Should be removed.

*COMPFILTER - My take is that COMPFILTER, while part of the enhancement, is not actually functional in any meaningful way so it's not worth documenting beyond RFC 113 at this point.

*GRATICULE - more research needed here. I'm not regular user of graticule/grid functionality, but it has not been formally deprecated.

*SCALETOKEN - is documented in detail here: http://mapserver.org/mapfile/layer.html.

*LATLON - this is processed at the map level as a shortcut to define a second geographic projection independent of the map->projection. Presumably something like "LATLON TRUE". It is used in some places in the CGI and template handling for projection to geographic coordinates. Probably should examine the need for it as it is not documented anywhere...

*JAVASCRIPT - I don't believe the token is needed. I imagine it was a holdover when the thought was that block of javascript could defined within a mapfile. Instead referencing an external file was pursued.

*SCALE - This is valid within the map object and is a parameter for CGI/FCGI and documented here: http://mapserver.org/mapfile/map.html. The idea is/was to set an explicit scale, center point and size and then let MapServer compute a matching extent rather than the other way around.

*INDEX - I don't believe this is in use. Should be removed.

*SIMPLE - This is a valid TYPE value within a SYMBOL object. It's actually the default value (e.g. a pixel) and is never set explicitly - hence the lack of documentation.

*TITLE - still a valid property for a class but deprecated. Should be considered for removal.

*VALUES - Part of the SCALETOKEN implementation and is covered there.

*COLORRANGE and DATARANGE - We've always considered that functionality experimental and ripe for refactoring and haven’t wanted to encourage their use. Lame, but that's my story... ;-)

*BANDSITEM - I don't believe this is in use. Should be removed. The bandsitem and bandsitemindex still exist as part of the layer object but are unused...

*OVERLAYSYMBOL - It's a deprecated CLASS-level keyword from the pre-STYLE days. It sets the SYMBOL property of the second style. It's there for backwards compatibility only.
*EQUALS - token is valid within the context of MapServer expression parsing. Represents geometry (GEOS) equality...

*MULTIPLE, SINGLE - I don't see why we need these keywords when we have ONE-TO-ONE and ONE-TO-MANY. We're lucky MS_ONE_TO_ONE = MS_SINGLE, etc... and that should be fixed in loadJoin()...

*LINECAP - I concur with the missing triangle option.

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Hi list,

I'm trying to get the definitive list of current Mapfile keywords and 
syntax for a Mapfile parser I'm working on 

I've gone through the MapServer docs, and also the sourcecode and have a 
few keywords that aren't documented and I'm not sure are still used. If 
anyone has any details on the list below it would be very useful. I can 
open issues if necessary and update docs.

RELATIVETO - mentioned in 
https://github.com/mapserver/mapserver/issues/1547 (from 2006) and is in 
the maplexer.l file. It is not in the test mapfile created when the 
issue was resolved 
So it may never have been used?

COMPFILTER - http://www.mapserver.org/development/rfc/ms-rfc-113.html - 
not used? Looks interesting! Should be added to 
http://www.mapserver.org/mapfile/composite.html ?

GRATICULE - used to be a LAYER CONNECTION type, but now deprecated?

SCALETOKEN - should be in http://www.mapserver.org/mapfile/layer.html 
Documented in http://www.mapserver.org/output/kerneldensity.html

LATLON - in maplexer.l but not sure where this would be used in a Mapfile.

JAVASCRIPT - it is a token in maplexer.l, but not sure where this would 
be needed (javascript is in quotes as part of the GEOTRANSFORM options)

SCALE - again a token, but I can only find it as a LAYER processing 

INDEX - not sure what this keyword is for (and hard to search for..)

SIMPLE, TITLE, VALUES - all in maplexer.l but not in docs.

COLORRANGE and DATARANGE - should be added to the STYLE doc page - 
currently only documented at http://mapserver.org/output/kerneldensity.html

Some keywords only seem valid as part of Mapscript rather than a 
last 2 are PHP join types only?)

Also some non-quoted values also seem to be missing from the docs:

LINECAP - http://www.mapserver.org/mapfile/style.html?highlight=linecap 
- should TRIANGLE be a documented option? It is in maplexer.l and also 
mentioned at 



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