[mapserver-dev] Proposing 7.2 release schedule...

Lime, Steve D (MNIT) steve.lime at state.mn.us
Mon Apr 23 12:17:39 PDT 2018

Hi all: I think we're pretty darn close to getting a release out. I'd like to propose the following:

*         Feature Freeze - Tuesday, May 1st - All new features would have to be in master by the end of the day on 5/1, basically establishing an alpha version.

*         Beta 1 - Tuesday, May 8th

*         Beta 2 - Tuesday, May 15th

*         Release Candidate - Tuesday, May 22nd

*         7.2.0 Release - Tuesday, May 29th

This would allow us to meet deadlines associated with OSGeo Live. Also need a volunteer to serve as the release manager...

Thoughts? To aggressive or not aggressive enough?

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