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Aihe: [mapserver-dev] Proposed PSC Additions

Hi all: It's been a little while since we've had any changes on the MapServer PSC - last change was Steve Woodbridge's resignation. I was thinking that it would make sense to add a few folks to the mix and maybe get some new energy going. So, I'd like to propose adding a couple of new members:

1)      Even Rouault - I think everyone knows Even and the excellent work he's contributed to MapServer and a myriad of other projects. I know he's spread thin these days but the breadth of his experience would be invaluable as a formal PSC member.

2)      Seth  Girvin - Seth (or more commonly geographika) is one of the most active contributors to MapServer these days. He's taken ownership of Python MapScript, recently worked with other folks to update PHP 7 support in master and has been active with Python MapScript and OSGeo Live. He's also the development lead for mappyfile - a pure Python parser for MapFiles.

I think both Even and Seth would be terrific additions to the PSC and would like to start with an enthusiastic +1 for each.

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