[mapserver-dev] Boolean class expression Mapserver 7.2

Lime, Steve D (MNIT) steve.lime at state.mn.us
Wed Dec 19 07:54:50 PST 2018

Hi Karin: All of the example expressions below represent straight string comparisons so for ("[something]" == 'f') to evaluate to true the value for something would need to be 'f', same goes for all the others. 'f', 't' and 'false' are just strings and are not equivalent to true/false - you'd use something like ([something] == true) if you really wanted that type of comparison.

Anyway, just so I understand, you're saying you have data where something = 'f' and it works in 7.0 but not in 7.2?


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Dear sir/madame,

I think I found an issue with the boolean class expression in Mapserver 7.2

On 7.0 ("[something]" == 'f') works

On 7.2 ("[something]" == 'f') does not work but ("[something]" != 't') works fine and ("[something]" == 'false') is fine as well.

Connection is to a postgis database.

With kind regards,

Karin Kuipers


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