[mapserver-dev] Incorrect behavior of WFS GetFeature

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 12:01:59 PDT 2019

> Several workarounds come to mind:
> - make sure that your features are always retrieved in the same order by
> adding an ORDER BY clause to your DATA clause

Hi Even,

I've already used orderby in the wfs query, however I'm not sure it helps
in this case, since the rowindex is assingned to resultindex which starts
from 0 as far as I see.

> - set the wfs_features_cache_size metadata item
> (see
> https://mapserver.org/ogc/wfs_server.html?highlight=features_cache_count)
> so that the result of the first query is entirely cached in RAM
I just wanted to understand the intended behavior at the moment, so as to
imagine what optimizations can be implemented in the MSSQL driver for the
query and the pagination support.
This workaround could probably help for the user, however.

> >
> > Would that be an option to implement msWFSComputeMatchingFeatures in that
> > way so that the original layer is not getting closed and reopened?
> This is likely to be involved as I guess those open/closings are the ones
> done
> in mapquery.c
We could probably call msLayerGetShapeCount directly and the drivers can
make sure not to change the resultset within the implementation.

Best regards,

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