[mapserver-dev] Time for a 7.2.2 release?

Lime, Steve D (MNIT) steve.lime at state.mn.us
Thu Feb 7 15:14:12 PST 2019

This is definitely a process that we want to run on a continuous basis. There haven't been commits to branches older than 7.2 so that branch should be ok for release. It's a bigger issue for master. I guess the question is should devs always run through Even's process with commits to stable release branches or is this something someone could be responsible for doing on a regular basis (weekly?). Not sure what other projects do. I think we want a single commit and then merge(s). Thoughts?


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On mercredi 6 février 2019 23:40:45 CET Seth G wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> +1 on a 7.2.2 release. Most of the MapScript changes are in master as
> they change existing functionality/build process so are more suited to
> the planned 7.4 release.
> I have a question on the release process. The link in the wiki [1]
> refers to the using the stablemerge.sh script (which is currently out
> of date), but its purpose was to ensure any fixes to the release
> branch (e.g. 7.2) were applied to master. I think a few commits may
> have initially been lost/not propogated to master following the 7.2
> release [3].I see some devs commit a fix to the branch release and also
> master [4]. Is this the recommended approach, or is this taken care of in
> the
> release process?

I've never used the stablemerge.sh script, but I essentially do manually what 
it does:

- git commit in the stable branch
- git push
- git checkout master
- git pull
- git merge origin/release-7-2
- solve conflicts
- git push


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